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Wordsworth Primary School


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Wordsworth Infant School was built in 1970 in the Shirley area of West Southampton.


It has come to our attention that some families have unlocked a free week’s trial of an extra area of the Class Dojo website called ‘Class Dojo beyond School’. To do this, families have been asked to enter payment details, and when the trial has ended they have been charged for the service.

The basic Class Dojo website that we have invited parents to use is free of charge, and you will not be asked to enter any payment details to use it. You do not need to sign up for this extra area, as teachers will only be using the basic site.

If you were asked to enter payment details when joining, it is vital that you cancel your trial of ‘Class Dojo Beyond School’, otherwise you will be charged.

Easter holidays (Monday 6th - Friday 17th April)

Dear Parents,


The Easter holidays are coming up, but we are very aware that these holiday weeks are not going to be normal for any families. As a school, we would like to support families as much as we can through this difficult time. Our priority is for our families to stay safe, healthy and happy.


Over the next two weeks, each year group will be uploading some Easter holiday activity ideas. Once on Friday 3rd April, and again on Thursday 9th April. These are optional, and we do not want any families to feel pressured to complete these. We are simply trying to help out with ideas and motivation for the children to keep busy during these times. It is important for the children to spend time playing and keep active as much as possible. We have been amazed by all of the different things that families have been doing over the last two weeks. Thank you for your engagement with the website so far.





If children do complete some of the activities we would still like to see their work via Class Dojo, however please be aware that teachers will not be responding daily during the holiday period. They will check and respond to work and messages once each week. Children will still be awarded house points for their efforts.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has sent in a rainbow. Our display on the school fence is growing by the day, and so many passers-by have commented on how it has brightened their day. Well done Wordsworth!

We hope you have a lovely Easter.


Celebrating the individual and building a team


Coronavirus Update 2nd April 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

Wordsworth School Care

We continue to provide care for our essential key worker families and are averaging 6 staff and 8 children in school even though we have 65 children registered. It is clear from conversations with many parents who chose not to send in children that they are doing everything they can to comply with the Governments direction to wherever possible make provision for keeping children at home by rearranging shifts, working     

from home and with older siblings taking some care responsibility and other family solutions.


We would ask you to carefully review and reconsider your requirement to bring your child to school as we cannot avoid social mixing in our school setting involving many children and staff all from different homes and with parents doing a variety of jobs, very many in healthcare. By definition therefore, our provision is not as safe as your child being at home with you or a member of your family. So any additional provision you

can make, even on a daily basis, would help reduce social interaction in society and so reduce the spread of this virus to the benefit of our community.


We will of course remain open for as long as we can to fulfil our role for critical workers and vulnerable children but would ask you to carefully reflect on the Governments key principle which is …  ‘If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be’.


Easter holidays

Team Spirit will be providing a care provision over the Easter holidays and those eligible would have received a letter with guidance. 


Thank you. Stay safe.



Rick Page

Head teacher


In an emergency please email Angie King

or Nicky Tregear



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Victor Street, Shirley,


SO15 5LH

023 8077 6397