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z Geography

In Geography last half term we learnt about capital cities and countries all around the world. Please see our topic map below for more detailed information of our learning objectives. 

This half term we will not be updating Geography, but there will be history tasks on a Wednesday instead. 



Hi all

This week's Geography task is linked in with our History topic of World War Two.

Click on the link below to watch the video which is all about the number of different countries that were part of World War Two. Then can you open the two task sheets below (dated 1.4.20) and complete them. You may well need Google or an atlas to help you find all the different countries!


Hi all

This week the Geography task is all about maps, recapping some of the learning we have already done... click on the links below to watch the videos and play the game to test your knowledge of the world.

We  have also been learning all about coordinates, click on the link below to play the coordinates game to test your skills!


Hi all

This week for Geography we are going to recap our learning on longitude and on the link below and watch the video and then play the quiz to test your knowledge!

Finally can you make a fun poster which explains clearly what latitude and longitude is.

Happy Geography time!