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Year R - Early Reading and Phonics

Year R

In Year R, children will begin to learn Phase 2 in the first week of school.

They will learn four new GPCs (sounds) a week and will begin to learn a few tricky words too. Please see the overviews for each half-term attached below. 

Reading groups begin in week 4, and children will start to bring home a wordless book to share with you at home. Please see the letter attached below for more information about how you can support with reading at home.

Year R children will continue to learn Phases 3 and 4, where they will encounter digraphs (two letters, one sound) and trigraphs (three letters, one sound) and longer words.

Throughout the year, teachers assess children regularly and adjust the children’s reading books according to the GPCs they know and their ability to blend sounds together to read words. After October half term, some children will begin to bring home worded books. They will have read this book three times at school, so should be familiar with it and should be able to read it independently. The aim of this is to give your child lots of opportunities to practice their reading and become fluent and confident before moving on to their next book.

Please aim to read this book with them at home three times over the week.

If teachers notice that your child is not keeping up with the learning in their main phonics lessons, they will receive ‘Keep up’ provision regularly. This will be extra sessions to re-learn GPCs and practice blending skills.