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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Blended Learning

Welcome to Year 4!

It has been so lovely having all of you all back in school and we are so proud of how you been working hard and enjoying your learning!

Each week we will be uploading activities to the website that you can work on if you need to self-isolate for any reason. This work will match the activities being completed in school and will help to minimise lost learning time. You can download the activities from the links at the side of this page. If you are feeling too poorly you do not need to do the work so you can rest and get better. If you are feeling well but need to stay at home, we want to make sure that you are able to carry on with your learning.

The Oak Academy website also has some lovely video lessons that show a teacher leading you through a session so it would be a bit more like being in school! The lessons below are linked to the learning that you will be doing in class. You can work through a series of lessons to complete a final piece of work. If you have completed the weekly activities set by your teachers, please choose some activities from the list below to complete.

Some of these videos include a quiz. Don’t worry if you can’t do the quiz, it is more important to just watch the video!



Aut 1

Aut 2



Reading for pleasure (3)

I was a Rat! (Reading) (5)

The Borrowers (narrative) (15)

Chocolate making (explanation) (20)

The Robin (narrative) (20)



T1: Sentence level objectives (5)

T2: Word level objectives (5)


Suffixes past and present (4)

Suffixes tion ity ness (2)

Suffixes ate en ify ise (2)

Homophones (2)

Suffixes al (2)

Suffixes ic (2)

Suffixes ial (2)


Reasoning with 4 digit numbers (10)

Securing multiplication facts (5)

Addition and subtraction (15)

Multiplication and division (20)



All around me (7)

Keeping safe (5)


Sound (6)

Human anatomy (6)



Islam (10)


Rhythm (6)


- To access these lessons, click on the link below


- Then select your year group


- Next select the subject and you can choose one of the units that is shown in the table above.


Any work you do at home can be emailed to the school office and your teacher will respond as soon as they can.

We hope to see you back in school soon!!


Covid-19 info

 Dear Parents,
This might be useful if your child is worried about coronavirus. This book has been produced by an intensive care nurse at Southampton General Hospital to help explain things to them:

Take care and stay safe!