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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Friday 3rd April 2020

Good morning Year 1, 

It is Friday!! Last day of homeschooling before the Easter holidays! 

Today we have uploaded English, Phonics, Maths and history tasks for you. 

At the end of the day today, we will be uploading 'Easter Activity Pack 1', which you will be able to find in the 'Easter' folder on the right hand side of this page. This Easter pack will have 5 activities in for you to do, if you choose to, over the Easter break. We will then be uploading 'Easter Activity Pack 2' on Thursday 9th April, which will again have 5 activities in for you to do. If you do any of the activities or any other fun learning tasks over the holidays, we would love for you to continue to upload your pictures to the Dojo site. However, please note that teachers will only be checking the Dojo website once a week during the Easter half term. 

Thank you, 

The Year 1 team 

Thursday 2nd April 2020 

Hello Year 1. 

Today we have uploaded English, Phonics, Maths and science tasks for you. 

It is great to see so much quality work being completed. Please do not feel like you have to print off the worksheets, we recognise that it could end up being costly for you. You can copy out the questions or just read the questions from the screen and answer them on a sheet of paper. Obviously, if you would prefer to print out the worksheets, then continue to do so. 

Thank you, 

The Year 1 team

Wednesday 1st April 2020 

Good Morning Year 1! 

Today we have uploaded English, Phonics, Maths and History tasks for you. 

Thank you, 

The Year 1 team

Tuesday 31st March 2020 

Good Morning! 

It has been lovely to see some of your wonderful self portraits. Please keep sending them in! 

Remember to use the timetable, attached at the bottom of the page, to help you plan your day. Today, we have uploaded English, Maths, Phonics and DT tasks for you to complete. We would also like to read your colour dot book, even if you have already read it lots of times! Either send us a video/picture of your reading or write in reading record and send us a picture of it! 

Happy learning! 

Thank you,

The Year 1 team

Monday 30th March 2020

Hello and welcome to another week of homeschooling! 

We hope you are all well! 

If you look at the bottom of this page you will see a new timetable for this week. This should help you plan your week. As you will see we have dedicated time each day to exercise. Try and find different ways to burn off all that energy! 

Today, we have uploaded Phonics, English, Maths, reading and science lessons for you to do. 

I would also like to set you an art challenge this week. Last week we had lots of lovely, bright rainbows sent to us and they really made us smile! This week I would like you to draw/paint a self portrait! This means I want you to draw a picture of yourself! Let's see who completes the challenge! 

Keep up all the good work! 

Stay safe. 

Thank you, 

Miss Bevan 

P.S. The video for this week's English can be found on our new Youtube channel!

Click here to see it and other stories! Wordsworth Youtube


Friday 27th March 2020

Bonjour Year 1! 

Well after today that will be one full week of home schooling completed! We have received lots of pictures from many of you and it is clear you have been working very hard. 

Today, we have uploaded English, Phonics, Reading and  History tasks for you to do. We would also like you to do some exercise, either with Joe Wicks, Cosmic Kids Yoga or running and playing in your garden! 

We would be really pleased if you either read your colour dot book, an e-book or another book you have at home. Don't forget to write it in your reading record and send in a picture. 

Keep working hard! Well done for this week! 


Miss Bevan 

Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello Year 1! 

We really enjoyed seeing your wonderful pictures yesterday! They really made us smile, thank you. 

Today, we have uploaded English, Maths, Phonics and a reading task for you to do. Once again don't forget to have a little fun and join with Joe Wicks or do some Cosmic Kids Yoga. 

We have also put another little science experiment on the website if you would like to have a go at that! 

Keep up with all the good work! It has been amazing so far! 


Miss Bevan

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hello Year 1! 

We hope you are all still well. We have been super impressed by all of the wonderful work you have been uploading. Keep up the good work up! 

Today, we have uploaded English, Maths and Phonics tasks for you to do. We would also like you to do a bit of history learning, by doing some reading about Neil Armstrong and his landing on the moon (if you haven't already done so!). 

Miss Bevan would also like to set you a challenge. We would love it if you drew/painted/created us a picture to brighten up our days at home! We love seeing your lovely art work when we are at school and we are missing it! You can make a picture of anything you like. Maybe, you might like to make an Easter picture or draw some flowers. (p.s. Don't forget how much Miss Bevan likes dogs!). 

We look forward to seeing all of your lovely work again tomorrow! 

Thank you, 

Miss Bevan, Miss Scotcher and Mrs Prest 

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning Year 1! It is another sunny day here in Southampton! 

Please look at the bottom of this page to find the Year 1 timetable we have uploaded to help you. 

Today, we have uploaded English, Maths, Phonics, and a DT lesson for you. Once again, don't forget to do the Joe Wicks P.E. lesson at 9am to get in your daily exercise. 

Everyday we will also be uploading some reading tasks you can do. Have a look under the 'Reading and Books' tap. It is really important children continue to read everyday. You can either read a dot book, read an e-book or have a go at one of the reading tasks we are uploading for you. 

Also, you can upload your work onto the Dojo portfolio so your teacher can have a look at your hard work! Well done to all of you that completed yesterday's lessons. 


Miss Bevan, Mrs Prest and Miss Scotcher 


Good morning Year 1! 

Today, we have uploaded English, Maths, Phonics and a science lesson for you to do. The English task should take about 1 hour. The Maths and Phonics about 20 minutes each and then you have a super fun science experiment to complete! Don't forget to do some exercise too, to burn off some energy. The Joe Wicks PE lessons online, are a great way to ensure you are getting your P.E. fix. 

This might be useful: if your child is worried about coronavirus, this book has been produced by an intensive care nurse at Southampton General Hospital to help explain things to them:

We will put new lessons on again tomorrow!


The Year 1 team! 

P.S. Please get your parents to check their junk email as some of the class dojo invites that we have sent might have ended up there...

We hope that you are all keeping well if you are at home - we are all missing you at school!

We have put together some ideas for you to work on together at home.

Please feel free to send us pictures of some of your work via Dojo.

We have a school subscription to:

You should have received a username and password in Year R. Your username is the same as it was. It is the first four letters of your first name and the first four letters of your surname.

E.g. Harry Potter = harrpott

Your password will be ‘changeme’ unless you changed it in Year R.

The school code is ‘word’.

Please try to log onto this site as soon as possible so that we can resolve any issues straight away, as we will be using this site to set reading books and phonics.

Click the attachments below for detail of different subjects. Teachers will try to update these, all being well.


Several companies are offering online resources for free. The one that we often use in school is – you can sign up for a free account using the code UKTWINKLHELPS