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Hello Year 5! 

This is our writing and SPAG page where all work will be uploaded. This page will be updated every Tuesday and Thursday with work for you to be getting on with at home. The work will be named with which week the work should be completed starting with week 1... The work can be found at the bottom of the page.

It would be amazing if any work that you complete could be uploaded onto the Class Dojo portfolio which is linked to your individual accounts. Amazing work will be awarded house points and extra awesome work will be posted onto the class story! Remember- just because you are at home does not mean you can forget about your non-negotiables, we will still be looking at your spelling, handwriting and grammar!

Your class teacher will send daily reminders on the Class Dojo to check the website for work- If there is something that you do not understand or is slightly confusing, please send your class teacher a message and they will definitely help you out!


Year 5 team.

Non-negotiables and writing terminology

At the bottom of the page is an attachment to our Y5 non-negotiables as well as a list of writing terminologies that you will begin to see more regularly. I have attached my own examples of these as well has a handy video link to explain them to both parents and children. If, in the near future, there is a term that you are unsure of, please send your class teacher a message on Class Dojo so that we can add a definition on to the website. Keep up the good work!

Year 5 team.

News report writing

Todays task (26/03/20) is for the children to write a news report based on some interesting events at school! There are a few criteria for the children to try and include in their news report to be successful. We would love for the end products to be uploaded to their portfolios so that we can share some amazing examples! The task is linked below titled 'Week 1 Thursday'.

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Happy writing, 


Year 5 team.

Week 2 

Tuesday 31st March & Thursday 2nd April

Hello all,

This week we would like the children to plan and write their own adventure story! At the bottom of this page is a link to an example of an adventure story, broken down into it's various parts. First, can the children read the example and identify the different features that have been used!

Secondly, there is a comic strip story plan- today can the children come up with, draw and write notes about their adventure story. What will happen in each scene? What characters will we see? Will there be any speech? All of the children have used these before in a previous English lesson, they know what to include and how much detail to use! On Thursday there will be a success criteria for the children to follow during the writing of their story!

Happy planning,

Year 5 team,