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Wordsworth Primary School


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04/06/20 - 05/06/20

This weeks spelling challenge introduces some Year 4 words. I will upload a wordsearch each day for some of the spellings for both Year 3 and Year 4 words. Your task is to:

  • Find those spellings amongst the letters.
  • Research the words. What do they mean? Do they have more than one meaning? What type of word is it? (verb, noun etc)
  • Write a sentence using the word to show you understand the meaning and are using it correctly.


I have uploaded the Year 3 spelling wordsearches which we use in school.  Find the one for the words you are working on and have a go.  Then it would be great if you could practice your handwriting using your Year 3 spelling words.  

There is also a selection of sheets for you to have a go at correcting the spelling errors (although they do use Year 3 and 4 key words).  You don't need to print them all out, just look at the words, or choose one sheet to try.

26/3/20 Spelling activity attached below

Please see below for the Year 3 spellings, also attached are the Year 2 spellings as well. We encourage the children to practise the words, find out the words definition and word type (noun, verb, adjective) and to use it in a sentence. We want children use correct spelling (Year 1, 2 and 3) in all our subjects.