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Wordsworth Primary School


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In Summer 2 spellings will not be sent home.

Monkey Spelling Group

If your child is in the Monkey group they will be being tested on the suffix rules. When they are being tested the teacher will say something similar to "What is the plural of teddy? Write the plural spelling of teddy." In this case the children would be expected to write "teddies".

Meerkat Spelling Group

If your child is in the Meerkat group they will be tested on the Year 2 common expection words. It is expected that all children will be able ot spell most the words on this list by the end of the year. Every child in this group took a copy of these words home on the last day of term. If you do not have a copy please talk to your class teacher. The children in this group have been having these words home as weekly spellings. The difference is that now the class teacher will choose any 5 words out of the list each week.

Good luck and keep practicing!

The Year 2 team.