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Wordsworth Primary School


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Our topic to start Summer 2 is the seasons. We will think about what happens in each season.


Our topic in Summer 1 is Plants! We will be looking at plants that we eat, and how plants grow.

Weekly tasks can be found using the links on this page. Why not see if you can plant and grow something over the next few weeks?


Our topic this term has been Everyday Materials and Space.

Weekly Science tasks can be downloaded below...

We would love to see any creative work that you do…

  • Make a space rocket! Use an old lemonade bottle.
  • Test materials – are they waterproof? Do they float or sink? What can you make out of them?
  • Watch some of Tim Peake’s videos from when he was on the International Space Station. Can you do any experiments of your own?

We would love to see some of your work when we see you again - make sure you take photos of anything you make!