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22nd June 2020
This week we would love for you to have a go at a Science investigation about friction and forces. It's going to involve cars, ramps and different materials.

Here is a clip to help explain what friction is. This clip will show some friction experiments taking place. Here is a further experiment clip on friction.

The attachments at the bottom will explain the experiments you are going to perform as well as giving you a table to record your results on. Enjoy being scientists!

19th May 2020
This week we are continuing to think about Plants. Have a look at the presentation below to think about what it is that plants need to survive. Then if you are able to, we'd love you to set up an experiment, to test and see if it is true that plants need all of those things. There's a recording sheet below too. Take some pictures and show us how it is going, we'd love to see! :) 

12th May 2020
For Science this week we're going to get thinking about Plants... Have a look at the Presentation below to learn about the different parts of plants. Then have a go at seeing if you can label the different parts of plants on the activity sheet. Maybe you could add in some extra labels? 
Challenge: Lots of you have already been having a go at growing some plants. If you haven't already and you're able to, why not have a go at growing something of your own? It could be a sunflower, or maybe some cress - whatever you fancy trying! 

5th May 2020
Happy Tuesday! Today let's have a think about different states of matter this week... 
Have a go at this lesson: 

28th April 2020
This week, have a go at refreshing your memory on light and dark - this was our Science topic in Spring 1... 
Have a go at this lesson on light and dark:
There are some videos for you to watch, and some activities you can try. Enjoy! 

21st April 2020 
This week we are going to be about Rocks! 
Have a look at the 'Rocks - Week 1' presentation at the bottom of the page, which will introduce Rocks to you and then will explain your activity for this week.
As part of your daily exercise, go for a walk and collect some rocks (not too big!) then take them back home and have a go at drawing them - make sure you include all the little details you can see. 

We hope you've been enjoying finding out about magnets. Have a watch of this video and see if you can note down some of the materials they mention that magnetic objects are often made from. Then, do some research to see if you can find out some other objects that are made from those materials. 
Another activity: If you have a magnet at home (maybe one from the fridge?) 
Mix some paper clips up with some rice and put them in a closed, see-through plastic container (a plastic bottle?). Using a magnet, how long does it take you to separate the paper clips from the rice without opening the container? Enjoy! :) 

24.03.20 - What is a magnet? 
Have a look at the following link. Watch the video and have a read of the information underneath. 
Write a couple of summary sentences about magnets. 

18.03.20 - In Spring 2 this term we have been learning about forces and magnets. Have you got any fridge magnets at home? Take one of them and see if you can find any other things that are magnetic at home. Is there anything that particularly surprises you? Make a list of things around your home or in the world that you know have magnets in them or are magnetic.