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Wordsworth Primary School


Primary School

School Meals and Lunches

Excellent meals are cooked in the school kitchen. The menu is varied, balanced and planned with the children in mind. A copy of the menu is sent home with each child and a copy is displayed in each classroom and in the school hall for children to view. Please find a copy below.

The children have a choice between a "blue band" meal (main dish ie the first dish listed for the day), a "yellow band" meal (alternative dish ie the second dish listed for the day) and a "pink band" meal which is a Jacket Potato with various toppings. It is important that you discuss the "blue", "yellow" and "pink" meals with your child to enable them to make an informed choice.  Water is provided for all school meal children. The cook is always pleased to discuss any dietary requirements your child may have.

Year 6 children now have an added option of picking a "red band" meal which is the new "grab and go" menu consisting of baguettes, pasta pots or sandwiches.  Please find below a copy of this menu.

The cost of a school meal is £2.25 per day, all dinners must be paid for in advance.