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Physical Education

How we teach PE at Wordsworth Primary School

At Wordsworth Primary, we intend to provide a high-quality PE curriculum that enables all of our students to create positive relationships with physical activity for life and will therefore go on to lead physically and mentally healthy lives.
We give our students opportunities to build their resilience, confidence and independence through our PE lessons, Golden Mile sessions, sporting visits and competitions.
We use Real PE to facilitate our PE teaching and learning. PE lessons take place twice a week and students experience a range of Core PE, Gymnastics and Dance lessons. Our curriculum is focused on students developing their Fundamental Movement Skills. Learning is delivered through the following six Real PE cogs:

  • Personal 
  • Social 
  • Creative 
  • Cognitive 
  • Physical 
  • Health & Fitness

These key themes are revisited each year, enabling students to revisit and build upon their learning each time. All children at Wordsworth are also given the opportunity to take part in competitive activities both within the school and against other local schools.

What you will see in lessons:

  • Regular opportunities for students to practise their agility, balance and coordination skills
  • Opportunities for children to apply their learned skills
  • Clear modelling of expectations
  • Students collaborating and communicating successfully
  • Students setting challenges for themselves and attempting to beat their own personal best 
  • Students reflecting on their achievements and evaluating their performance


Students in Year 5 will take part in a ten-week swimming course that is externally provided.  Students will learn a variety of swimming strokes and how to perform safe, self-rescue.