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Wordsworth Primary School


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Phonics and Key Words

The children are really enjoying their phonics sessions and tell us they have been practising the sounds using the cards at home!

Please continue to practise the sounds we have learnt so far. They are:

s  a  t  p  i  n  ck  e  h  r  m  d  g  o  u  l  f  b  j  z  w  y  x  v
ss   ff   ll   zz   qu   ch   sh   th   ng   ai   ee   igh/ie  oa   oo   ar   or   ur   ow/ou   oi/oy    er/ur   air   ure   ear

We have been practising sounding out and blending using the single sounds, words like:  c-a-t   d-o-g   b-e-d

And also words with digraphs and trigraphs in, for example:

sh-i-p   n-igh-t   r-ai-n   ch-air

Key Words - please find attached below

We are now starting to send home some sets of key words for the children to learn. The green ones are words that they can sound out, however we would like them to learn to read them by sight. The red words are words we call tricky words which can’t be sounded out and just need to be learnt. Each time we will send home 2 sets of the words so that they can be cut up and used for games, like pairs. As always please let us know if you have any questions.