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Meals Payment Methods

The cost of a school meal is £2.30 per day. All meals must be paid via your SchoolGrid account or by contacting Dolce Customer Care team on 01942 707709 or by emailing  We cannot take any payment for School Dinners.

1x meal = £2.30 2x meals = £4.60 3x meals = £6.90

4x meals = £9.20 5x meals  = £11.50

Online payments: There are a range of payment options available. Either choose to sign up to Direct Debit or pay by credit/debit card online via your account or over the telephone with Dolce's Customer Care team available Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm. Please note there is a minimum payment of £10 required when paying over the telephone.  Please let us know if you have not yet set up an account, as we will need to send you the link. 

Please note, the DD option is taken in arrears, and you can choose the date on which this is taken.  If your account is already in arrears you will need to pay the balance by card before you can set up a DD.  

Outstanding debts - Please note all meals must be paid for in advance or on the day in which the meal is taken. If you fall into arrears, Dolce will send you letters directly informing you that the account needs to be settled.  If your child's or children's account is in arrears, your child will have to come to the main office at lunchtime, as we will have to authorise the meal and this can cause embarrassment and distress to the child. If you are experiencing difficulties paying or if you have any concerns about any allergens or specific dietary requirements, please contact Dolce.