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How we teach Maths at                Wordsworth Primary School


At Wordsworth, the maths curriculum is designed so that children develop a strong understanding of key mathematical concepts which builds on prior learning as they progress through the school. We teach maths through a process of modelling, guided practice and applying, using a variety of concrete and pictorial representations to support a conceptual understanding of the subject.

Children will be taught to make independent use of concrete and pictorial resources to support their understanding, and to use mathematical vocabulary to explain their thinking. Problem solving skills are clearly modelled and taught to enable children to tackle problems independently.

What you will see in classrooms:

  • Explicit modelling of skills and knowledge
  • Use of concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of number
  • Teaching of key mathematical vocabulary
  • A high level of mathematical dialogue between teachers and pupils
  • Scaffolds to support children’s understanding
  • A progression in conceptual understanding as children move through the school