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Each day we would like the children to spend 15 minutes solving one of the fluent in 5 challenges, then at least 10 minutes of TT rockstars. We can check from home who is practising their Timestables! If you have forgotten your TT rockstars login click on the 'forgotten password/ username' button on the website and follow the instructions. Miss Prudence will receive an email from TT rockstars and will contact you with your details. 

Additional to this we will be uploading additional tasks on a Tuesday and a Friday, so keep checking back. 

Tuesday 31st March.

Good Morning Year 4.

We have been thrilled with the fractions work you have been completing and really impressed with your knowledge and application.  Well done.

So, today will be one of the last uploads on Fractions, as we will move on to our next Maths Topic Tenths and Hundredths.....

I have uploaded a Prove it for you to complete if you have finished all of the Practice Tasks on adding and subtracting Fractions.  Show us how Fab - u -lous you are at Fractions.


TWAL: To recognise tenths and hundredths.

Follow the video upload, then complete the activity. may use the answers to check and purple pen any corrections....but do still send us the work so we can check your understanding.  You have visited this topic before and therefore it should be familiar to you. 

I have uploaded the activity below as well just incase you have any problems.

Enjoy Magic Mathematicians!


Wednesday 25th March

Hi Year 4

Well done to everyone who is doing a fantastic job with the maths.  Please message your teachers for any specific problems and we will do our best to help you.  I have uploaded the next 3 Tasks for adding and subtracting fractions.  Remember to keep your denominators the same...if that is what the task asks you to do.  Read the task carefully to ensure you understand what is being asked of you.

Practice Task 4

You need to work out the missing fraction to complete the sum.  Top Tip - The same denominator.

Practice Task 5

You need to read the question and underline the important information in order to complete the sum.  Top Tip - Don't let words fool you...You know how to do this.


Maths activities for Week beginning 23/03/2020 

Hi guys.

For this week we are going to continue with our Fractions unit.  We did really well in our Equivalent Fractions, but now we are going to concentrate on adding and subtracting fractions.  Fantastic I hear all of Year 4 cry!

So. The good news is......we all know how to add/subtract fractions as we did this in Year 3.  But because we have learnt so much in year 4 and we may have forgotten so I have uploaded one of our favourite mathematicians, Steve from Mathsantics.  Refresh your memory by watching the clip.  Concentrate on adding and subtracting the fractions with the same denominator (bottom number).

Practice Task 1

Look at the diagrams and add the fractions.  Select the file that is called Practice task 1.

Practice Task 2

Write number sentences to show the subtraction, count the white squares and subtract them from the blue squares.  Select the file that is called Practice task 2.

Practice Task 3

Look at the number sentences and answers.  Work through them and say whether they are true or false.  Top Tip: Work the answers out yourself before confirming true or false.  Do Not Guess.  Select the file that is called Practice Task 3.

If you have any questions about the practice so far and are not sure of your understanding.  You can contact your teacher through your Dojos.