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Jefferys Education Partnership

The Jefferys Education Partnership is a multi-academy partnership based in Southampton. We bring together local schools in the community in order to provide a cohesive approach to learning for our pupils, across all phases of education.

What are our aims?

We aim to provide a high quality inclusive education from 4-16 year olds for all the children of our local community and through adopting common and agreed polices and working practices to provide a harmonious educational journey for our children. We work collaboratively across the group of schools ar all levels to promote self-sustaining model of school development and improvement to ensure high expectations, standards and outcomes academically, socially and culturally. By working with other community groups and partners we aim to contribute to the building of a strong, diverse and vibrant community in Shirley. We have high levels of professional and personal trust between schools and promote partnership working as the default position. Our partnering schools are:

  • Shirley Infant School
  • Shirley Junior School
  • Hollybrook Infant School
  • Hollybrook Junior School
  • Upper Shirley High
  • Southampton Hospital School