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Wordsworth Primary School


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ICT (computing)


You should all have details for how to log onto Discovery Education through Class Dojo, so today can you please have a go at some of the coding lessons.  I would suggest starting at level 1 of Block Coding and working through the lessons.  I look forward to hearing about the apps you have created.


27/03/20 - Have a try with the hour of code activities (links below), or try the maths games online.

At the bottom of the page, there is an Internet safety wordsearch.  Do you know what all the words mean?  Could you look them up in a dictionary?

There is also a robot sequence activity.  Can you direct the robot to get to the big coloured dot.  Remember turning 90 degrees, is like turning a right angle or a quarter turn.  Practise by jumping on the spot!


18/03/2020 - Keep Safe online - talk only to people you know and remember kind words online go along way and are there forever. Anything you see or hear that you are not happy about close your screen or turn over the tablet and tell your adult.

Todays links refer to Computing, putting commands into a sequence in order for something to happen. The children will be using the word 'debug' when looking for reasons why their program may not work. The links below lead to sites the children have used before and are familiar with.

**Unplugged Computing -  Write a sequence of instructions you think your parent will need to make a jam sandwich and see if it works!**

Star Wars

Flappy Bird

Angry Birds