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Wordsworth Primary School


Primary School

House Teams

Once in KS2 all the children are allocated a team to collect house points for. Following our literary theme the four houses have been named after Publishing Houses, which are also names of birds. Siblings will be placed in the same house as each other.

They are:

(House colour Yellow)

(House colour Orange)

Kingfisher (House colour Blue)

(House colour Green)

We announce who is in the lead every half term during a KS2 Celebration  Assembly. There is a ‘House Cup’ and every Autumn Term the children will elect House Captains and Deputy House Captains to tie their teams ribbons on the cup when their team wins.

Children earn house points for their teams but also for themselves.

Every time the children earn 25 house points they achieve a certificate. When they achieve 100 house points they gain their ‘Bronze Award’. This is presented in a whole school Assembly.

Children then work towards their Silver award (250), followed by Gold (500),     followed by Platinum (750). Sticker totals are passed to new teachers so we do not expect children to achieve Gold until Year 5 or 6. Children who exceed this will then work towards their ‘Governors Award’ and the ‘William Wordsworth Award’ for Outstanding achievement. (1000)