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Home learning week beginning 30/3/20

Please see the below attachment for the learning for this week - titled 30/03/20

On going:
Our learning over the next week continues to be based around the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Here is a link to the story on youtube:

The children have also really enjoyed watching these songs about the other traditional tales we have been learning about:

Here are some ideas of activities to do at home:

- draw your own pictures of the billy goats. You could cut them out and make them into puppets to retell the story.
- practise writing a simple sentence about the story 
- use lego/building blocks/any craft materials to make your own bridge 
- use the website and search for The Three Billy Goats Gruff for lots of ideas and activities, some that can be printed and others that can be accessed online
- make a troll out of playdough (recipe we use posted above)



As well as the words we write in phonics, you could practise writing the alphabet, being sure to form the letters the correct way. See if you can write your own sentence! 


This website is fantastic for maths work you might want to do at home and is the same as the sorts of things we would do at school. They will be uploading more activities each week so keep checking back! Also check on the Year 1 section too if you want a bit more of a challenge!

Remember to keep practising your numbers to 20. If you can, print out (below) or make your own number cards. Practise recognising them out of order, putting them in order from 1-20 and matching amounts of objects to the right number. 

See the files below for another maths activity for this week: