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Wordsworth Primary School


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Home Learning

In Year Two so far we have learnt about a lto of very different things. For our Pirate topic we have asked all the children to complete a home learning project. This could be anything about pirates such as a poem, a picture of themselves as a pirate, some research or other writing about pirates. Please make sure you bring this in within the first 3 weeks of the half term.

In maths it is very important to practice mental arithmatic skills, such as counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s from any number and adding and subtracting two digit numbers in our heads. As well as using practical maths skills such as using money, using different measures and reading the time.

It is also important to read as much as possible, including library books, school books and any writing you can find! When reading try to discuss with your child what they think about the book or the characters and why they think that. (It's okay to not like a book(!) but please try to think about why.) If you find a good pirate book or poem please do bring it in to share with us!