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Welcome to the Year 3 History page! 

Our current topic is The Unsinkable Titanic. 

We have been learning about many different aspects of the voyage, including where she was sailing to, what happened to her, who was onboard and how life was different for those in First Class, compared to those in Second and Third.

01/04/2020 Blame Game

Your job today is to be history detectives. Using all of the evidence from the Blame Game Cards, you must decide who was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic. Group the evidence together, and then decide which person or company has is the most guilty. 

More information is available from the document titled More Info about Individuals and the sheet you will need to use to complete the task is 1st April Blame Game Sheet.

25/03/20 Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article about the sinking of the Titanic, using your fact file. Try to use language that will hook the reader and grab their attention, for example: "perished" or "rescued".

Below there is a format to help the children lay their article out, and prompt questions to make them think about what to include. The file is called "Newspaper format Titanic".

20/03/20 Fact File  

Create a fact file about the Titanic. How many facts can you remember?

Here is a link that you may wish to use to help you with your fact file: