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I hope you enjoyed your country research last week, I certainly enjoyed all your interesting facts.  You have a choice this week...

1. Research a second country but try to do one that is as different as possible to the one you chose last week 


2. Learn about our oceans - the sheet is saved below if you would like to have a go at finding the oceans on a map.


This week I have a challenge for you!  I would like you to pick any country of the World and see if you can find out 10 facts about it.  You can present the facts in any way you like - video, poster, powerpoint, etc.  You could choose your favourite country you've been to, the country you are from or a country you would like to visit.


On Tuesday there will be a lesson on rivers.  We haven't looked at them yet, but it is a year 4 topic and might be interesting to have a look at.


On Tuesday there is going to be a lesson on BBC Bitesize on volcanoes.  As we loved that topic so much, I thought you might want to look at them again (but you'll have to wait till Tuesday)!


Today we are going to learn about the weather and climate in the UK and around the world.  There are a couple of videos, a quiz and a wordsearch (attached below) for you to try.


Today we are going to learn about mountains.  Watch the lesson, complete the quiz.  You could have a go at the activity if you have a printer.

There is also some information on maps and atlases which s useful,


(Previous tasks are available in a document below if needed)