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Wordsworth Primary School


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30/3/20 Well done on creating some great volcano dictionaries.  There is a sheet below with a picture of a volcano for you to label thinking about the words you found out about last week.  Then I would like you to create a warning sign, to be put up near a volcano to warn people about potential dangers.  What might the volcano do?  What might happen to the people?  Make the sign bright, colourful and clear so that everyone can see it.  

23/03/20 We learnt a lot of new words whilst we were studying volcanoes.  Attached below is a sheet to create a volcano dictionary.  Either print the sheet out and cut and stick the words, or write the words and the definitions onto a piece of paper.  (Answers are on the final sheet, only to check when you have finished!)

18/03/20 We have learnt about volcanoes in geography.  Choose any volcano in the world, research it and create a fact file with information about the volcano.  You could add a picture as well.