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Hello artists of Wordsworth. Here, you will find a weekly activity every Friday for you to try at home, or to inspire you to create your own art! 

Wednesday 1st July 2020

Today we are making shoebox habitats for your creature that you have created. Look at the attachment called '01.07.2020 Shoebox habitat' for some ideas.

Wednesday 24th June 2020

This week we would like you to bring your animal creations into the third dimension... in other words, let's make them 3D! It's up to you how you do this. Maybe you have clay or playdoh at home and could mould them to life. Maybe you could make it out of junk modelling. Or you could give papier mache a go! 
Here are some videos to help you with how to make papier mache with flour and water! *Warning it is a messy job, but lots of fun!* You can also make this with PVA glue and water.

Think about what shape you need to create. What can you use to papier mache over to get that shape? A balloon (once it is dry you can pop the balloon and the paper will hold its shape)? A toilet roll tube? A bowl?

Once it's dry, can you paint or colour them? We look forward to seeing your creations!

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Let’s start designing our animals!

This week you are going to draw some animals that you have invented!

Here are some questions that you might want to consider:

  • Is you animal a vertebrate or invertebrate (does it have a backbone or not)?
  • How will it travel or move?
  • Where will it live? Cold or warm place? Dry or wet? Land or sea? Underground or in a tree?
  • How will it defend itself from other animals? – Camouflage? Hard shell? Spikes? Teeth?
  • What does it eat?
  • How will it catch its prey or collect its food?
  • Does it have a special ability?

How many creatures can you design? Let your imagination run free! When you have chosen your favourite, can you use your texture and eye drawing skills to draw a best version?

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Well done artists of Year 4! We have really enjoyed seeing your art work from last week. There were some really interesting textures and techniques! This week we are focusing on drawing eyes to help us when we design and draw our own animal. So download the attachment below called '10.6.2020- Eyes- Lesson 2', grab some paper and a pencil and give it a go! 

Friday 5th June 2020

This term’s art tasks are linked to our science topic – All living things!

By the end of this half term, we would like you to design and draw an animal of your own creation, so you can really have some fun with this (I’m thinking David Walliams meets Roald Dahl).

So for the next few weeks, we are going to build up some key skills to help us draw and design our own animal. This week we will focus on creating texture.

Download the attachment below called 5.6.20 - Texture- Lesson 1 to find out what the task is. 

Friday 22nd May 2020 

For today's Art lesson we would like you to learn about painting, printing and collaging, to really get your artistic imaginations flowing! Watch the videos on the link below then try to activity, if you can. Have fun!

Friday 15th May 2020

Good morning everyone! 

Today we would like you to learn about Andy Warhol and Pop Art on the Tate Modern's Website:

It explains who he is and why he was so important as an artist. There are two activities you can chose from on the above webpage, one of them involves a printer, so we know that not everyone will be able to do that one (I would love to but I also don't have a printer!)  
If you would like to you are welcome to not use either of the ideas on the website and come up with your own thing! 

Have fun, we can't wait to see it! 

Friday 8.5.20

Good morning Year 4

There are three different Art activities for you to choose from today. Two of the activities are about VE day, as it is the 75th anniversary of VE day today! Take a look at the links below called 'BBC Bunting' - click on the website link contained in the attachment to have a go at the activities and 'VE Day photos IWM' - use the photos to give you inspiration to create a picture in any style you want about VE Day- have fun!

The other activity is linked to Banksy- a new piece of his artwork has appeared at Southampton General Hospital- can you create some art using this as inspiration?

Look at the attachment called 'Southampton General Hospital Banksy' and have fun creating some art.


Good morning Year 4

Todays art is going to be a challenge - how exciting I hear all the lovely children of year 4 cry, poised with their pencils and paintbrushes!

Can you redesign your bedroom, by taking the quiz on the following website?

Answer the questions

At the end of the quiz it will tell you which artist would be the best artist to decorate and design your bedroom - mine was David Hockney!

Then, can you redesign and decorate your bedroom using the artist's unique style to make over your room....on a piece of paper!!!

For example,

If Banksy was your artist, you would use his design of graffiti inspired art to decorate your bedroom.

We can't wait to see your designs.......We want to be able to spot the artist who has inspired your design!


Good morning artists of Wordsworth!

We are continuing with a weekly Art activity, today we are looking at the artist Keith Haring who was an American artist whose pop art and graffiti-like work grew out of the New York City street culture of the 1980s. Take a look at the video link below and the attachment at the bottom of the page and have fun creating some Art!


Click the attachment below called 'Year 4 Art Competition Winners' to see the winners and their work. Well done to everyone who took part. It has been lovely to see all of your creations and it was very difficult to choose winners! You are all fantastic! 

03.04.20 - Banksy

Well done for all of your art competition entries! We will be announcing the winners today so watch out on Dojo. 

This weeks task is about another British artist called Banksy. I think you will have heard of him or recognise some of his work.

Your task:

1) Have a look at the attachment called '03.04.2020 - Banksy' to learn about the artist and see some of his work.

2) Then look at the file called '03.04.2020 - Banksy art ideas' to get some ideas to make your own Banksy inspired art. 

3) Have fun making getting creative! 

26.03.20 Competition Time!

Morning Year 4! We would like to have a Year 4 art competition to brighten up our Dojo class stories and get as many of you creating and having fun! There will be a winner from each class. 10hp for the winners! 2hp for every entry! Download the attachment below called '26.03.2020 Art Damien Hirst' and follow the instructions. 

Winners announced on Friday 3rd April.

We are really excited to see your creations on Dojo! 

Miss Prudence, Miss Hastings, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Cochrane