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How we teach Art at Wordsworth Primary School

We have designed a curriculum for the arts with the intent that our children will, from the Early Years, develop a sense of creativity and self-expression.

Children will create sketch books that will demonstrate the progression of skills learnt from the Early Years where they will explore and experiment with colour and texture through to Key stage 2 where they would have developed lots of art techniques, such as, drawing and painting with a broad range of materials and refined control.

What you will see in the classrooms:

  • Children creating sketch books to record their learning and to use them to revisit and review ideas. They will demonstrate a progression of skills that they can use as a tool for future pieces of work.
  • The children will learn about Art and how it has shaped history, sometimes through topics and projects.
  • They will also learn to appreciate different artists and recognise differences and similarities thus encouraging a lifelong appreciation of art.
  • Children will be encouraged to experiment in a safe environment where there is no right or wrong way enhancing both self –esteem and self – expression.

Artists at Wordsworth Primary will be creative and able to explore ideas and record their experiences. They will have a better understanding of Art and appreciate great artists and how they have shaped history. They will become proficient enough to evaluate theirs and others work using the language of art. Through their pieces of work, they will celebrate the diverse cultural heritage within the school and local community.