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These are exciting times of growth and new challenges for Wordsworth. We are now proud to be a 3 form entry primary school, with 3 classes across every Year group.

Year groups are a team of classes with a Year Leader to oversee the day to day running of the children’s learning experiences. The children often do joint activities with their Year teams, we share planning and resources and the teachers meet daily to discuss things and ensure we have consistency. We also regularly check standards and consistency across Year teams through book scrutinies, moderation activities and observations.

Each class is named after their year and their class teacher, for example in Year R we have RH, R for reception. H for Miss Hayter. Each class is also affiliated to an age appropriate author, the classes are named after something to do with this author. In KS1 the names are given to classes and are all books by their class author. In KS2 the children will be involved each year in choosing their class name. So RH is also called Wibbly Pigs for example, (a book by their class author Mick Inkpen.) We feel this allows classes to be recognised quickly by their short name and is often easier for parents to remember but also gives them a name that is more child friendly.

We aim for transition between Year groups to be as smooth as possible and therefore we have transition days in the summer and the teachers always meet to pass on information. The transition from KS1 (Yr R,1,2) to KS2 (YR 3,4,5,6) is able to be made very smoothly because we are a Primary.

On our Year group pages we will be posting information as regularly as possible and also any important letters that may have gone out, as well as the curriculum overview for the Year. We really would like these pages to be helpful to parents so if there is something particular you would like to see on your child’s Year Group pages please do let Deputy Head Sarah Barwell know. We will do our best to accommodate requests within reason (teachers are not website designers!)

From time to time we hope to publish photos and names of children receiving special awards. If you are not happy for your child’s name or photo to be posted on the school website please do make sure we are aware of this.

Thank you