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Welcome to Class 4G – affectionately known as…the Ratburgers!

You may wonder where we got our interesting choice of class name from…well, as our affiliated author is none other than the much-loved, world famous, David Walliams, we decided to name our class after one of his children’s books…Ratburger!

As a class, we are currently reading one of his other side-splittingly funny books - The World’s Worst Children - which is a collection of hilarious short stories about interesting characters such as: Petula Perpetual-Motion, Nigel Nit Boy and Peter Picker!  We have just finished reading Peter Picker. If you are brave enough, ask your child about the character’s filthy habit and the mountain of trouble it causes!

Every Friday, we award one child with our fantastic ‘Ratburger Award’ for consistently following our classroom rules. The recipient of this award, will receive 25 housepoints and will be allowed to stand wherever they like in the line for the week - a very coveted prize indeed!

Not only will they receive this award, but they will be allowed to take home our very own class rat…AKA Ratty!  Don’t worry parents, he is very easy to look after and doesn’t cause any mess at all! 

We have recently started participating in online ‘Timestables Rock Stars Battles’ with the other Year 4 Classes. The ‘Battle of the Bands’ take place online every week, and will run from 3:20pm on Monday afternoon, until 7:30pm on Sunday evening.

In our first online battle, The Ratburgers were victorious in their challenge against 4GN. We won a ‘Class Champions’ certificate and received an extra 15 minutes of playtime as a whole class reward!  Let’s see if we can keep up our winning streak!  

Our class ‘Goal’ is to develop our independence and problem solving skills, using class strategies to support our learning. We have already started using the 5Bs in class: Book, Brain, Board, Buddy and Boss, to become more independent learners, but will need to continue to develop this skill over the next term!

Please click on our Home Learning page for more information about weekly homework expectations - thanks for dropping by!

Regards from,

·         All of the children in 4G

·         Miss Galbally – Class Teacher and Year 4 Leader

·         Mr Day – Class TA

·         Mrs Davis / Ms Hayward – 1:1 support