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Inside Out!

Update on 4N: Spring Term Weeks 1-3

4N came back in January bursting with enthusiasm for getting back to their learning journey.

Homework has been coming in, and we are all thoroughly enjoying listening to the increasing knowledge we have about our teeth and chewing exercises with our topic of ‘Inside Out’.

Weekly challenges of Times Tables Rock Stars has come around again and we are pitched against another year 4 class next week, to see who the ultimate winner will be of the two classes. Regular practice of times tables homework means that our brains are sharp and ready to conquer the challenge.

We are extremely motivated about writing our story based on a theme from ‘Bill’s New Frock’ and will be presenting it to Year 6 at the end of this half term.  Maths ‘Independence Week’ has given everyone the confidence to know how we solve Maths problems and show our working out effectively.