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An 'Egg'-cellent 'Egg'-speriment!

4N Update - 31st January 2018

This week 4N have moved on from equivalent fractions to fractions of amounts where they have used smarties to work out a fraction of an amount. 1/3 of 27 = 9 was one of the examples they discovered, using smarties just made it all the more exciting. In the words of one inspired member George, who wrote, ‘Yesterday, I enjoyed my math lesson because I learnt about new fractions,’ goes to show that the learning journey is fun.

Writing up our own stories from English this week has been very motivational too, 4N are very excited about walking up the stairs to Year 6 next week and reading out their finished stories. Finally, the egg- citement (excitement) of concluding the egg investigation showed that water was the healthiest drink for you and had the least impact on your teeth.

Getting rid of the four liquids (milk, diet lemonade, coke and blackcurrant juice with no added sugar) from the glass jars in order to see the eggs proved a very smelly experience, especially the milk!

As we look forward to Welly Boot morning on Friday, ask your child which new facts they have learnt about birds and see what they can tell you.