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Inside Out!

The disgusting Digestive System!

This week, we spent time learning about the Digestive System and what actually happens to our food once it enters our mouth. 

Using crackers, a zip-lock bag, Orange Juice, a pair of tights and a plastic cup, we were able to follow the journey of our food from our the other end! 

We learnt lots of key words associated with the Digestive System, such as: Pre-molars, Molars, Incisors, Oesophagus, Intestines and Colon, and were able to transfer these into a written piece of work, explaining the journey of our food.

We loved watching the food 'travel' around the body, and particularly enjoyed watching the water being squeezed out when in the colon, before the body released the leftover waste product!! The demonstration was met by an array of grunts and groan from us all...but we loved every second!!

Looking forward to Week 4...and our Welly Boot Day on Friday 2nd February 2018!