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Bill's New Frock!

Website Update from 4G - Friday 9th February 2018

This week, 4G have been working hard to edit and publish their own versions of ‘Bill’s New Frock!’ On Wednesday, they finally got the opportunity to read their stories to the children in Year 6, and thoroughly enjoyed facing this experience as a new and exciting challenge!

The children in 6D and 6P were overwhelmed by their neat presentation and high quality English work. They couldn’t believe they had managed to include: fronted adverbial punctuation, accurate paragraphs, expanded noun phrases using ‘with’ and a strong moral to teach the reader a valuable lesson in gender equality!  Phew…they certainly have been busy this half-term!

On Friday, we spent time investigating the Jewish celebration of ‘Passover’ with a focus on the importance of freedom, the Passover story and the Sedar plate meal. We had no idea that the food on a Sedar plate could represent so many different events/emotions!  Ask us to explain more!