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An 'Egg'-cellent 'Egg'-speriment!

4G Update - 31st January 2018

Wow...what a creative week we've had! 

This week, the children in 4G took part in a 'Junk Modelling Challenge' to see if they could recreate the Digestive System using boxes, tights, paper and other waste items. They did an excellent job, and thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning with their classmates at the end of the afternoon! 

We also finished our Science experiments, and looked at the effect that different liquids have on our tooth enamel. The liquids we chose to investigate were: Milk, Diet Lemonade, Sugar-Free Squash and Coke.

We were amazed to find out that the coke only seemed to stain the 'anamel' on the outside of the egg, whereas the sugar-free squash caused the 'anamel' to start bubbling and corroding! We couldn't believe that this might be happening to our own teeth everyday!

We all promised to brush our teeth everyday without complaint (!) from now on! 

Check back next week for another 4G update! 

Thanks for stopping by!