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Welcome to 3MD. The class teacher is Mr Davies, with additional support provided by Mrs Smith.

Our class author is Michael Rosen.

20/04/2020: CLASS TASK

Today's task is an opportunity to catch up on any work from before Easter that you might like to do. Why not try some French, or have a go at History?

31/03/2020 CLASS TASK: Tuesday

Today is an opportunity to catch up with any work you still have left to do.

30/03/2020 CLASS TASK: Positive Monday

Today is a simply task. It is to have a happy positive Monday, and encourage others that you know to do the same.

27/03/2020 CLASS TASK: Fun Fact Friday

What are you most proud of? Is is a trophy from a competition? Have you met somebody famous? Is there something that you have created that is your pride and joy? Share with your parents and teacher.

26/03/2020 CLASS TASK: Thoughtful Thursday Rainbow

Your task today is to create a rainbow that can be placed in your window to brighten up your day and those that pass by. You could draw it, paint it or use coloured paper or card. You might like to add a message, such as "Stay safe!".

25/03/2020 CLASS TASK: 3rd Class Irish jig

Perform an Irish jig, like they would have done in 3rd Class aboard the Titanic to keep spirits up and pass away the time.

24/03/2020 CLASS TASK: Acrostic Poem

Create an acrostic poem using a Year 3 word (found on the Year 3 spellings page).

23/03/2020 CLASS TASK: What can I see?

Looking out of your window or around your garden, describe some of the things that you can see. How many skills can you use in your writing?

Try to use:

adjectives,  adverbs,  expanded noun phrases,  similes  and  metaphors

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