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Tapestry downloads

Dear Parents and Carers,

As we are nearing the end of the school year we will no longer be adding observations to the children’s tapestry accounts. We do this now to give you the chance to download your child’s online learning journey and contact us if there are any issues. You should have received an email from tapestry providing you with the information you need to log on and download your child’s learning journey as a PDF file but here is a brief explanation:

You won’t be able to download the learning journeys through the app and instead have to visit and log on through an internet browser. Once logged on please click on your name displayed in the top right corner and select the ‘downloads’ tab from the drop down menu. Here you will find your child’s learning journey available to download. If you then click the blue download button it will allow you to save it to a device, this needs to be a computer or a laptop and not a phone/tablet as it will not work.

Please make sure you have actually downloaded and saved the PDF file to your computer and that you are not just viewing the tapestry account on line.

We would love to be able to save all of the children’s learning journeys however we don’t have space for them all on our system, so if it is not downloaded by you it will eventually expire which would be shame as they are such a lovely record of the children’s time in Year R.

Please get in touch with your child’s teacher through Dojo if you have any issues and thank you as always for your continued support,

The Year R Team