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Wordsworth Primary School


Primary School

Summer 2 Week 6 (Beginning 6th July


This will be your last piece of English for this term! We would like you to have a look at the pictures attached and choose one that interests you. You can then decide how you would like to write about it. We have written in many different styles:

  • telling a story - Use your picture to create characters and a setting
  • creating a story in the first person - You are the main character
  • cartoon style - Draw pictures to tell your story and write short sentences to add detail.
  • diary entry - Telling your future self about an incredible day you had.
  • fictional factual - Create a fictional piece of work that could be non-fiction, think of Newt Scamander's book of Magical beasts. None are real but it is written as if they are.
  • descriptive piece - describe what you can see
  • newspaper article - you are a budding reporter who has a big scoop to report on.

Year 3 skills to try and include are:

  • speech
  • contractions (e.g. can't, won't)
  • conjunctions (e.g. and, because, that, so, but)
  • description (e.g. dark, gloomy cave)
  • simile (e.g. its teeth were like daggers)
  • paragraphs

Remember how we write (research, compose, edit and publish) to produce the best piece of luck. Good luck and we look forward to seeing what you produce.