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Wordsworth Primary School


Primary School

Summer 2 Week 2 (Beginning 8th June)

08/06/20 to 10/06/20 - Dragon task 4

Last week we focussed on the picture of the dragons taking flight. We looked at what the author had done to paint that picture with words. You may have noticed the author finished the text with a ... (This punctuation does have a name, it's called an ellipses). Your task now is to finish off this chapter. What do we know already?

  • The dragons have taken off at sunset. They are going to flying into the night.
  • I know they are flying west, because the sun sets in the west.
  • The weather is good.
  • The dragons are feeling happy.
  • The dragons are flying somewhere to meet other dragons.

What might we infer, figure out, imagine as a plausible (sensible) next part?

  • The dragons are going to fly a great distance as they are large powerful beasts.
  • The dragons might meet on an island, jungle or mountain, somewhere isolated but large enough that a large group of dragons can meet without being discovered.
  • There is a reason for this meeting of dragons as lots of animals migrate (travel great distances) such as for plentiful food at certain times of the year (wildebeest), to go back to where they were born (turtles) or it's warmer (geese).

So you are going to finish this first chapter which will end on a cliffhanger, a decision made, a revelation, change in leadership, a disagreement or a betrayal. I will leave it to you.

Finally, this is a less is more task. Use the first day to plan the chapter and resource the words/phrases you want to use.  For you second day write the chapter. This will be three parts. The first part is the conversation between the dragons on the journey where we find out where they are going and why they are going. The second part is meeting the other dragons, the interactions between them (meeting friends, family, enemies), The third and final part leads to the cliffhanger maybe through a meeting.

Think about the words you are using, including Year 3 words, think about speech correctly punctuated and group for paragraphs. For the final day go back and edit it. Read it carefully, get an adult to read it to you. Correct what is missing or does not make sense. Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Good luck. I know English is a tough subject to do at home and though it would be good to see some great writing you can think outside the box to show your imagination/story telling ability. Act out the story (toys, Lego, family), create a shadow puppet retelling, create a comic strip or chalk a comic strip on the patio / drive / outside wall.