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Summer 2 - Invasions (Anglo-Saxons & Vikings)

The Vikings

In Summer 2, we are learning all about the Vikings.

24/06/20 - Viking Timelines

This weeks History is carrying on with the Vikings and Anglo-Saxon period of British history. Below you will find a presentation of that time period. There is a differentiated activity sorting out the facts to go on a timeline. the difficulty is rated by stars, 1 star the easiest to 3 stars the most challenging. You don't need to do all three. After this there is a poster to create, a template is below, where you can fill in what you have discovered.

20/05/20 - Fascinating Facts

Using the page below from BBC Bitesize, we would like you to write 8 interesting facts about the Vikings. Who were they? Why did they come to Britain? Was your initial impression about the Vikings from last week correct?

13/05/20 - Vikings First Impression

Today's task is to tell your teacher what your first impression of the Vikings is, using evidence from the sources provided? Do they seem like a kind people? Do they seem interesting, or rather dull? Why do you think this? Best of luck!