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Wordsworth Primary School


Primary School

Summer 1 week 4 (Beginning 11th May)

Welcome to another week of maths at home. 

Please continue to do the 5 a day maths each day.  Select bronze level for Year 3. (

This week we are the BBC Bitesize website for our lessons and will be doing some revision on multiplying and dividing.  I have attached the sheet reminding you about how we teach/layout multiplcation and division at the bottom.

Remember if you have any problems, or questions, please ask your teacher through dojo. 

Monday - Multiplying and diving by 8.

We have used the 8 times table supermovers in school, so you could start with that as a warm up!

Tuesday - Multiplying a two digit number by a one digit number

Watch the "learn" video, but then you only need to do part 1 of Activity 1 (we have only taught grid method, not a shorter form).  Then try the worksheets on activity 2 and 3 (saved below).

Wednesday - Divide a two digit number by a one digit number

Watch the 3 short videos, and then complete activity 1 and 2.  Don't do activity 3 as it uses a method we haven't yet taught.


Thursday - Multiplication and division problem solving

Watch the videos, complete the sheet, then try the game (choose the multiplication an division sections)

Friday - Challenge of the week

Try the 4 challenge questions on the website today, or practice your multiplication and division, or times tables.  Don't forget Times Tables Rockstars!