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Wordsworth Primary School


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Summer 1 week 1 (beginning 20th April)


If you have completed the four maths lessons for this week on fractions, there is a maths challenge on the White Rose site.  Challenges 1,2,3 and 4 are the ones that you should all be able to do.  If you want a challenge, keep going and see how many you can do!  I've attached the file at the bottom of this page as well.


Week beginning 20/4/20 Fractions

This week we are going to use the tasks set on WhiteRose maths to guide you through some fraction revision.

If you click on the link above, it will take you to the this week's work.  You need to watch the video first, then try the activity sheet (there are also answers available). Try to do one lesson each day, starting with Equivalent fractions Monday and Tuesday, comparing fractions on Wednesday and ordering fractions on Thursday.  There is a link, at the bottom of this page, to a fraction wall sheet which you could use to help you if needed.

If you are really finding it too hard (remember it should make you think!), you could try clicking on the Year 2 work and try that. 

For those of you who normally reach the prove it and digging deeper tasks, I have put a few extra tasks at the bottom of this page if you finish the other lessons quickly.  You can also use these links to take you to some tasks to make you think!