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Wordsworth Primary School


Primary School

Summer 1 - Titanic (Local History)

The Unsinkable Titanic. 

We have been learning about many different aspects of the voyage, including where she was sailing to, what happened to her, who was onboard and how life was different for those in First Class, compared to those in Second and Third.

06/05/20 - Who wants to be a Millionaire? - Titanic Edition

Can you answer enough questions correctly to win 1 million pounds (3 dojos). Submit a picture of the £1 million (3 dojos) jackpot page. Some questions will be tricky but this is where you can use your 4 lifelines; phone a friend, ask an adult, ask Google, or ask your teacher. The document is below. Best of luck!

22/04/20 - Design and create your own Titanic

Over the next two weeks, your History task is to design and create your own Titanic model. When designing it, you will need to think carefully about including all the features that a ship like the Titanic might contain. You will also need to consider what materials you will use. Best of luck!