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Spring 2 work

03/04/20b Money - Task 15 to 18 are about working on subtracting money and beginning to think about change..

03/04/20a Money - Task 13 and 14 are the last sheets for adding money.

02/04/20 Money - Today we are carrying on with adding amounts of money together. The work looks at what is happening when the coins add up to over 100p.

01/04/20 Money - Today we are moving onto adding amounts together. Again there are examples given and you can extend by setting up your shop, making your own notes and coins and see what you can sell. Can your customer give you the right amount of money?

31/03/20 MoneyAs a refresher for money here are 6 tasks about recognising coins and the value they represent. Some tasks have more than one answer and you can challenge yourself to find as many of them as you can. For those that want to print out there is a sheet of coins and notes you can use, however all the tasks can be copied out as I have explained on the first couple of tasks.

27/03/20 MoneyToday we are going to carry on looking at buying items from a shop and finding change.  There is a worksheet below, and here are a couple of suggestions for some electronic games on change.  Try to choose some of the harder levels!

26/03/20 MoneyThere is a task sheet below looking at finding change and have a go at the game below, but select "Play Hard" when given a choice of levels.

25/03/20 Today we are going to carry on looking at adding money, but this time there are some missing numbers in the sums.  Think carefully about how to solve them, maybe column addition, maybe a numberline would be easier.  Sheet attached at the bottom with questions.

24/03/20 MoneyIf you found identifying coins and counting amounts hard, there is a game to practice, and a sheet called coin recognition.  Choosing coins to make an amount.

If you were happy with coin recognition, and could make amounts then move onto adding two amounts.  There is a game to try below, and a sheet (adding money) below. Adding up two amounts of money


23/03/20 MoneyIf we were at school this week, we were going to be looking at money.  How many different types of coins and notes are there in England?  Can you make a list of them all?

Draw the coins needed to make 24p, 54p, 89p, £1.45, £2.36 and £5.97.

How many different ways can you find to make 34p with coins?

How many different ways can you find to make 68p with coins?

I've also put a sheet at the bottom with some jars of coins you can count up if need more things to do today. (how much money)

Practice telling the time to the nearest minute.  Look at the clock every time you are going to do something and tell someone the time.

18/03/20 Column additionYour task is to add 2 three digit numbers using expanded column method (if you are unsure what this is, see the Wordsworth KS2 calculation policy below).  For example 546 + 321.  Can you do at least 12 sums? Remember how to set out your work properly.

There is a sheet attached below if you want some example questions.