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Wordsworth Primary School


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Spring 2 Work

03/04/20 - Reading Activity Choice

Today you have the option of choosing which activity you would like to do. There are three options all based on a book you are currently reading; create a comic, imagine two characters from your story are texting to each other, or create a quiz about your story for another person to complete. If you are feeling brave, you might like to complete more than one activity, or all of them!

02/04/20 - George's Marvellous Medicine - Evidence and Inference

Today's task combines the two skills that children have been using this week (inference and evidence) with a mixture of questions that cover both skills.

01/04/20 - George's Marvellous Medicine - Inference

Today's task is to answer inference questions about George's Marvellous Medicine. Use the video (link in the document) to refer to.

31/03/20 - George's Marvellous Medicine - Fetch

Using the video from the school's YouTube site (link in the document), please answer the fetch questions about Chapter 1 of George's Marvellous Medicine.

30/03/20 - Book Review

Your activity today is to write a book review for the book you are currently reading. What is your book about? Would you recommend it? Is it fiction or non-fiction?

27/03/20 - James and the Giant Peach - Comprehension

Today's questions focus on a passage from the Roald Dahl book "James and the Giant Peach". There are 3 levels of questions, with each level containing more questions. Level of questions is indicated with a star (*). The more stars there are, the more questions there are.

26/03/20 - The Outing - Memory

This task is a memory exercise. Can the children answer all the questions without needing to watch the video more than twice?

When you open the document, you will see a link to a video located at the top of the page. Open the link to the video and answer the questions below. There is an answer sheet on the next page.

25/03/20 - Inference and Memory Game

One of our other reading skills is being able to recall information that we have read or heard, as well as make predictions based on this information. Read the cards to your child and ask them the questions below. How well can they remember what they have heard? Have they understood the text well enough to predict what might happen next? 

18/03/20 - Comprehension Questions

Recently, we have been focusing on answering questions about a text. These questions focus on comprehension skills. Today's activity is about Fossils.