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Wordsworth Primary School


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We will be giving a science task each week for the children to do. Please see the curriculum overviews below to see what we have already been learning, and what we will be learning next. 

New tasks will be posted here every Tuesday. 


Last week we looked at how water can change from a solid to a liquid. This week we will look at how water can also change into a gas! Watch the video and read the information about evaporation and condensation.

Try it out at home:
- Run the shower or hot water in your bathroom (careful not to touch hot water). Can you see the steam? What has happened on the mirror/window?
- Complete the word search attached below called '31.03.2020 States of Matter Word search'


Morning scientists! 

This week we are going to look at how solids can change into liquids! Watch the video on:

And try out the melting experiment at home - you will need to download the attachments below called '24.03.20 - Melting experiment' and '24.03.20 Investigation sheet'. You can either write up your experiment on a piece of paper or type it up onto the investigation sheet. 


19.03.2020 - This week's science task is...

Watch the short video on BBC Bitesize about solids, liquids and gases (click the link below).

Read the information underneath the video.

Test your new found knowledge by playing the game at the bottom of the page.