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We will be giving a new science task every Tuesday for the children to do. Please see the curriculum overviews below to see what we have already been learning, and what we will be learning next. 


Good morning Year 4 Scientists!

Today we are going to continue to look at characteristics of animals and then do a quiz to test our knowledge!

Click on the link below to a BBC Bitesize page 'Animal Classification'. Watch the videos and then have a go at the quiz.

Enjoy your Science!


Good morning Year 4 Scientists!

Today we are going to be constructing our very own classification key... wow!

We are going to create our classification key by looking at each animal's different characteristics.

Click on the attachment below called 'Characteristics info' to find out all about this way of classifying animals. Then click on the attachment below called 'TWAL to use classification keys' to find your task. You will also need to use the attachment below which is called 'Animal pictures for AA task' so you can create your key.

Enjoy your Science!


Good morning Year 4 Scientists!

Today we are going to be thinking about how changes to the environment can sometimes cause danger to living things.

Click on the link below to find out more and then click on the attachment (Bengal Tiger worksheet 23.6.20) below for a task you can do which is all about Bengal tigers and their environment.

Enjoy your Science!


Good morning!

After last week's lesson, today's lesson is an activity about food chains for you to complete, click on the attachment below 'Food chain worksheet 16.6.20'.

Enjoy your Science!


For today's lesson we are looking at food chains! 
Please have a look here for all of the teaching and lots of activities: 

Attached below you will also find an additional food chain game if you want to explore food chains further. 


Today we have got an exciting new Science topic called All Living Things where we will be looking at different types of animals, plants and their habitats. Today we would like you look at the lesson on here about invertebrates and vertebrates:

You may remember us learning about these in Year 3 last year, so this lesson is a bit of a refresher for us!