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Wordsworth Primary School


Primary School

Pupil Voice (ReHaRe Project)

Over the past three years, Wordsworth Primary School have worked in collaboration with Southampton University on an evidence-based research project. 

The project is entitled 'Reaching the Hard to Reach' (ReHaRe) and has been used to re-shape the concept of teaching and learning within the classroom. The main focus of the project was to use the children's views to re-design the way their lessons were taught.  The research project was a huge success, with children participating in re-shaping their lessons, and taking ownership of their learning! 

If you'd like to see more information about this exciting project, please head over to the 'ReHaRe Project (2017-2020) Practitioners Guides' page. 

If you would like to see photos and resources linked to our school project, please head over to our 'ReHaRe Project (2017-20) Research in Practice' page within the Practitioners Guides link.