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Wordsworth Primary School


Primary School

Pupil Voice (ReHaRe Project)

From 2017-2020 Wordsworth Primary School worked on a collaborative project with Southampton University. This project also involved universities and schools from 4 other countries: Austria, Denmark, Portugal and Spain!

The project was entitled 'Reaching the Hard to Reach' (ReHaRe) and has been used to re-shape the concept of teaching and learning within the classroom. The main focus of the project was to use the children's views to re-design the way their lessons were taught.  The research project was a huge success, with children participating in re-shaping their lessons, and taking ownership of their learning! 

If you'd like to see more information about this exciting project, please head over to the 'ReHaRe Project (2017-2020) Practitioners Guides' page or click on the following link 

If you would like to see photos and resources linked to our school project, please head over to our 'ReHaRe Project (2017-20) Research in Practice' page within the Practitioners Guides link.