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Our wonderful brass teacher Jo Downs is also an amazing songwriter. She has written a song called "Part of this School" all about being apart from our friends. It's sung on the video by her daughter and if you want to learn it, you can download the lyrics and track from here.

"Power in Me" update - Yesterday was performance day! We took part in the global singalong with our group of Keyworker children who were in yesterday. Hopefully some of you joined in from home too.


"Power in Me" is a song that our Key Stage 2 children know well. Young Voices are organising a mass singalong of the song on 2nd June from homes and schools all around the world. Click the link to find out more, to download the song and to find out how you can get involved.


Happy Monday everyone. I thought I would update the Music page on here, with a few musical ideas to keep you going.

Singing - singing helps to lift your mood. The Sing Up website has lots of songs that we learn in school for singing assemblies and topics. There is a "Song of the Week"  and lots of videos and playlists to get everyone joining in.

If you were in the Young Voices choir this year, or even if you weren't, they are running some live streaming sessions which look like fun. Anyone can join in (parents too) and there are a mixture of sessions. The ones coming up are here:

Musical activities with things you can find at home - The RSNO (Royal Scottish National Orchestra) are posting a series of challenges each week which are all about having fun with music at home. There are all sorts, you could pick and choose from the ones you would like to try. This is the link to the first challenge.

Southampton Music Hub have been sending out some Music Curriculum ideas. This week's are linked to the "Doctor Who" theme. The link can be found right at the bottom of this page.

Instrument Players - I have now tried to contact all parents of children who play instruments via email, either to set up online lessons (Year Four and above) and to share resources for practising using the Charanga website (for our younger players). If you have not heard from me, please get in touch via email

And finally ... If you are an instrument player in Year Five or Six (and maybe some Year Fours who can read music), you might like to join the Virtual Orchestra. A couple of Wordsworth children have already joined. Your parents need to sign you up, you will then receive some music to learn at home, which you send back with a video of you playing. It all gets cleverly mixed together and then produced as a video of everyone performing. - click this to sign up - one to watch from a few weeks ago


Good morning everyone. Hope you are all OK. If you are here for some new musical activities to keep you busy, you are in the right place.

I hope that everyone who learns an instrument has done a little bit of practice to keep their skills up. Mr Nichols, our upper strings teacher, has sent me some sheets and guidance for his beginner violin and viola players. This can be found in the separate tab. I know that lots of his pupils have a Charanga login, so you can continue to use this and build up your points on there. I will let you know when I have some information from the other instrumental teachers.

I know that you can't contact me through the class Dojo system, but if you have any questions relating to music in school, you can email me at

I'll do my best to help.

Ideas for this week's musical activities are:


For KS1 this week you will find "The Geography Song" which we learned in Singing Assembly all about the continents and oceans of the world. There is also a fun song to get you moving called "Shake my Sillies Out". I think we all need a bit of that this week!

Southampton Music Hub resource pack

There are a mixture of activities for KS1 and KS2 covering listening, body percussion, simple notation and exploring sounds. This can be downloaded below.

Daily Broadcast from Ollie Tunmer

Ollie is a former member of Stomp and he is running some fantastic body percussion workshops everyday. These are suitable for all of the family and will get everyone thinking, making a noise and participating (if you are not too tired from Joe Wicks)!


After receiving a request through Y4 Class Dojos, I have put up the lyrics for the Y4 songs, so that you can sing along.

Some Music Activities for this week

This link will take you to the Sing Up Website

You do not need to login or register to access the home schooling pages - they are free to access. The themes for this week are "Frogs and Animal Lifestyles" for Early Years and Key Stage One and "Trees" for Key Stage Two. There are some songs to learn and some related activities to try.

KS2 Songs 20/3/2020

We have been doing lots of singing today in our Year Groups. I recorded some of the songs so that everyone can have a listen and a sing along at home.

Year Five - "Hard Knock Life" and "Consider Yourself"

Year Three and Four - "Hey Mister Miller", "Jitterbug Yanks" and "Cheer up Granny" 

School Orchestra 20/3/2020

The Wordsworth School Orchestra met this morning to play through our pieces from this term. We recorded a couple of our favourites for you to listen to: "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again." I hope that you enjoy them. 

Please remember to practise your instrument while you are off school. I will use this page to post some fun music links over the next few weeks and the Music Service are also planning some content to keep everyone practising at home, so once I have that, I will make sure that it is put up on here.

Mrs Thompsett