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Mental Health

Monday 29th June 2020

This week we are thinking about how proud we are of ourselves and what we have achieved especially over the last three months, when all of us have had to endure lock down and embrace a different way of life.

I have uploaded a trophy for you to draw all the things you are proud of over the last three months - You all have LOTS to be proud of - we cant wait to see your achievements - they dont have to be all academic - you can include gardening, washing the car or even going for a long bike ride!

Monday 22.06.2020

This week we will be thinking about how if we have a Happy Mind then we are Happy People.  Look through the power point and then have a go at the activities.

Monday 15.06.2020

This week we will be looking after our well being.  I have enclosed a powerpoint and activities for you to complete.

Monday 8.06.2020 

This week we have attached below a daily journal for you to fill in to help you to think about how you are feeling each day. 

Monday 1.06.2020

This week is national child safety week, so instead of just thinking about our minds this week, we're going to be thinking about keeping our whole bodies safe. 

On this website click on the 'spot the danger' under 360 image, then do the quiz. Let us know on dojo how you do! 

Monday 18.5.20
 Today's activity is a poster for you to look at, which has  a close connection with what is happening to us all at the moment. There are some questions for you to think about and talk with your family about. 

Click on the attachment below 'Poster and questions' to look at the poster and have a think about the questions!

Monday 11.05.2020

Whoops! We accidentally missed a week. This week you can choose between these activities, or find time do both if you wish. 

Activity 1: Routine planner 

You may have already done this, at home it can be difficult to switch our brains from 'playing' to 'working'. It is also understandable that we won't get as much work done at home than we would at school. Something that can help to separate 'playing' and 'working' is to give yourself a little timetable of when you will try some school tasks and when you will play.

Or, you could choose a day, and just write down how much time you spend on each thing you do over the whole day, here is an example: 

sleep: 10 hours  walk the dog: 2 hours  eating: 2 hours  socialising: 3 hours  watching videos/TV: 4 hours  reading: 2 hours  exercise: 1 hour

You might be surprised at how much time you spend doing different things! 

Activity choice 2: Kindness calendar 

Attached below is a calendar for you to fill in, one kind thing you do each day for a month. This could be something kind for someone else, for example helping your grown-ups at home by doing the washing up. Or it could be something kind for yourself, like taking a break after completing a task.  

Monday 27.04.2020 

Using digital devices for good

Now that we are learning from home, digital devices are playing a bigger role in our lives. Many of us are now relying on these devices for staying connected to the outside world.

There are some quick reflective activities attached below to encourage us to start to examine the role digital devices play in our lives, and how we can use it responsibly and with kindness.

Monday 20.04.2020

Please find attached a lesson about exploring and expressing our feelings. Please read the parents guide first.