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Hello Year 5 and welcome to our history page! This is where you will be able to find all of our exciting work based on Crime and Punishment! There will be 2 pieces of history work uploaded to the website on a Tuesday and a Thursday during Summer term 1!


As always we would love it if you could upload any work that you complete on to the Class Dojo so that we can see it! 


Crime and Punishment!

The first area of Crime and Punishment that we are going to look at is the Anglo Saxon era! below are 2 worksheets to complete, one is a comparison between the punishments that the Anglo Saxons deemed appropriate and our modern day ones, the second is a sheet where you can decide what punishments the Anglo Saxons would give for some modern day crimes!

You do not need to print the sheets off to complete this job so please don't feel as though you have to! We look forward to seeing your work,


Year 5.


Hello all,

Today we are going to be investigating the lives of Roman Gladiators! These warriors were often forced to fight to the death as a form of punishment for their crimes! You will be looking at the different types of Gladiators and fighting styles as well as trying to work out how you would win your own fight in the Coliseum! 


Remember to upload any work to Class Dojo!

Year 5 team.


Hello all,

We saw some fantastic work last week and can't wait to see some more this week! We will be learning all about some Medieval Madness and more specifically all about the Vikings and the way they changed the laws in Britain way back in 793 AD! 

There is a video link to watch on the attached sheet below- please make sure you give it a watch!


Year 5.


Today we would like the children to throw themselves back in time and think about where they would have rather lived, with the Romans or with the Vikings! They need to consider the crime and punishments of both eras to come to their conclusions. Answers need to be thoroughly though out please! 

We can't wait to see what you think!


Have you ever seen a strange old lady, crooked nose, owns a black cat and you are sure you've seen her flying on a broom? Well... She was probably a Witch! Now Witches were a real problem in Britain, so it was decide that they must be hunted and killed!

Today, you are going to look at the rules that decided if someone was a Witch or not, and then decide for yourselves if you think the people described are Witches or innocent.

First you need to read the information sheet, then look at the characters and worksheet together to decide who are the Witches.



As you will all know by now, the Witch hunts were really quite silly. They did not solve anything and just caused lots of pain and fear for many innocent women! Want we want you to do today is imagine you were alive during the witch hunts, and you were accused of being a witch! 

What would you write in your final diary entry? What would you tell your family? What would you think and feel? Do you have an escape plan? Be creative!


Todays History is a P4C lesson based on the concept 'Justice'. The children need to come up with their own question and ask it to someone in the family to get their perspective. They need to remember to follow the philosophy rules for writing a question- the stimulus for the learning is everything we have learnt so far in crime and punishment but for the best philosophical questions, they need to focus on life and not just History!


During the Victorian ages, the children of Britain were trialled for their crimes much like adults! There were some pretty severe punishments, have a look at the document below and answer the questions at the end!


Last week the children learnt about some of the punishments children would have to face if they were caught breaking the rules. But how were they treated in school?..


Over the course of this half term, the children have looked at a wide range of punishment in Great Britain (and a sneaky look at Rome!), during some pretty gruesome period of time! What I would like them to do today, is rank them in order from which era they thing was the worst, to which they think was not so bad! There isn't a worksheet for this one as children can just write their ideas down on a piece of paper. The time periods they need to consider are:


Witch hunting

Victorian punishment (Especially in school!)

The Vikings!

They need to write a small explanation for why they have put each time period in its specific order.