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Hay Reading Festival

Week beginning 18.5.20

Good morning all!

This week for Reading we are taking part in the Hay Festival!  Authors will be talking about their inspiration for stories, live, all week! Each day we will put up a link to a video we would like you watch, but there are a whole load of other authors on this website that you could choose from:

Some days we will also upload a task at the bottom of this page for you to do, linked to the author in the video each day. These tasks will always be optional, as what we're really interested in is listening to the authors. 


Good morning everyone, welcome to our final day of listening to some of the authors taking part in he Hay festival. Today we are going to listen to the author Bali Rai who is talking about his book 'Now or Never- a Dunkirk Story', which is the tale of a young Muslim soldier during the evacuation of Dunkirk, a crucial milestone of World war Two. Here's the link to the video:


Good morning all!

Our author today is Pamela Butchart, during her video she talks about her experiences at school which have given her lots of ideas for her books! Here's the link to the video:


The author we are going to watch today is Cressida Carroll. During the video she talks about how she began to start writing and having ideas for books when she was 9 years old! She also shows us how she illustrates her books which is really interesting and looks like a lot of fun to do. Here's the link to the video:

There are also some fun activities linked to Cressida Cowell's books you can do if you want to (they are optional!) Click on the attachment below called 'Cressida Cowell activities'. Enjoy!



Today we would like you to watch Emma Carroll talking about how she goes about getting ideas and inspiration for the books she has written. Towards the end of the video she gives an idea for a task you could do after watching her video, this is optional!


Today we would like you to watch Onjali Q Rauf talking about the books she has written and where she gets her inspiration from. This can be found here: