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Hopefully you will find below answers to some of the common questions that you might be thinking of as we come to the end of this term. New questions will be added to the top,

Q13 - Does my child have to wear school uniform for the transition dates?

A - No they don't have to wear school uniform, but they can't wear the same set of cloths for both days.

Q12 - Is the school closed for the June 26th inset day?

A - This inset day has been cancelled and the school will be open as 'normal'.

Q11 - If my child doesn't go to the transition days how will I find out which class my child is in?

A - You will receive an email from the school letting you know your child's new class and teacher.

Q10 - If my child is a key worker will they still do the transition days with their year group?

A – Yes, they will come into school as normal for the last 2 weeks and join their transition classes for the dates on their invitations.

Q9 – I am a keyworker and my child is in Year 1 / Year 6. Can they still attend in the last week?

A – Yes they can still come in that last week as normal.

Q8 - If my child wants to give a present to their class teacher can we still do this?

A – Although not expected yes they can. On the transition days there will be a box in the child's class to put it in. Unfortunately we can't accept home baked items and please make sure it is clearly labelled with the adult’s name.

Q7 - Will my child be receiving a school report this year?

A - Yes! Reports will be given out to your child if they attend for their transition days. If your child is not in for those days their report will be e-mailed. Please make sure the school has your latest e-mail address.

Q6 - Will my child receive their year group reward certificates / badges?

A Yes, you and your child have all worked incredibly hard over the lockdown. Certificates / badges will be given out during the transition time. If your child is not in they will receive it when they next attend. For KS2 your child will then start the next year with the house points of the badge they get awarded.

Q5 - How can I download my Year R child's tapestry learning journey?

A - There is a guide of how to do this on the Reception section of the school website. Click here to access this.

Q4 - My child has been having instrumental lessons at school. Will they continue in September?
A - We are hoping to restart instrumental lessons as soon as possible in the next academic year. Many children have continued with Individual lessons online this term which were offered to all groups except Y4 brass. You can still set up these through Southampton Music Hub by sending an e-mail to

Q3 - I would like my child to start learning an instrument. How can I arrange this?

A - They will have to wait until the instrumental teachers are able to come into school. We will let you know more about this in September.

Q2 - Should we bring back the school library / colour band books we were given when the school shut?

A – Yes. From the 22nd June a box will be outside the gate from 8.45 to 9.15 and 2.45 to 3.15 for you to drop off any school books you may have.

Q1 - My child's medication is at school. How can I get this back?

A - Medicine can be collected by coming to the gate and buzzing the office. They will bring it out to you.