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Column Addition 18.05.2020

Week beginning 18.05.2020

Hi Year 4, Last week you absolutely SMASHED Maths and showed off some super skills!

This week we will be revisiting column addition - Easy Peasy I hear the children of year 4 cry - it is if you remember to line up your digits and place value correctly - as a reminder I have uploaded an old fav - Maths antics video to jolt your memory!

Then have a go at Activity 1 - Addition.

Remember any questions to message your teacher or independently try and work it out - we have visited this before this year and in year 4 - so go on SMASH IT!


Today, we will continue with more column addition - I've uploaded Activity 2 below - If you get stuck please watch the Maths Antics video again or message your teacher.


Today, Ben has had a go at some column addition sums and he thinks he has got them all correct - can you be the teacher and mark his work and spot any mistakes he may have made!

I've uploaded Activity 3 addition below.


Today, please have a go at Activity 4 - these are worded problems, the maths is not difficult, so don't be tricked with the words - use your column and place value skills and I am sure you will ACE it!


Today, I have uploaded 2 activities.  Activity 5 Addition is more worded problems - easy maths -just don't be tricked by the wording or you can CHALLENGE yourself with Activity 6 - which is a Mastery/Prove it sheet and has some more tricky questions for you to answer but still using your basic column addition.

Great work Mathematicians this week!